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Italy with Angela Vi

Italy with Angela VI

On our first day in Venice, we arrived in the mainland and rode a water taxi onto the island. It was so cool! There was a big opening in the back with a cushioned bench, so you could stick out your head for fresh air and a bit of spray water. When we got off we walked a little ways and met the owner of the new apartment we were staying at. His name was Francesco. H took us to the apartment and told us lots of recommendations for restaurants. After he left, we tried to get a Netflix movie, but couldn’t’, so we went to the grocery store and then to dinner. That night we at at a place with the best non-home cooked food I have ever had. Daddy didn’t like his as much as I liked mine, but i think he was just tired. 

The next day, we went to a pizzeria that had some pretty good food but their salad, I have to say, was not good. Then we found some super amazing gelato. and went into a castleish thing, where they had the worst audio guide I have ever listed to. In the palace, we saw dungeons and several lion mouth statues where people a long time ago would put slips of paper to tell about crimes they witnessed. After the palace, we took a gondola ride. The gondola ride was so fun! We learned that each boat is designed specifically for the person steering the boat. 

The next day, Francesco helped us transport our bags across town where we met the hotel’s private boat took us across the bay to the hotel. That afternoon we ate lunch at the hotel and swam in the pool. That night we went back into town for dinner, but it wasn’t as good as our first night. Our next day, the weather was very rainy, but we still went into town and walked over a really old wooden bridge. We returned to the hotel, got dressed up and ate a nice dinner. 

After Venice, we drove to the Dolomites. The drive to La Perla (the best hotel ever) was very windy. When we arrived at the Hotel la Perla (Like I said, the best hotel ever), they gave us little chocolate bites and a wlecome drink at check in. Then they took us to our room and we got settled. That night we ate at their main dining room and had the four course meal. Erica was our server and she was super. The next day, we tried to explore outside, but it was cold and rainy. We ate at the same restaurant again after having a drink and dancing and talking in the bar. 

Angela VI's tips for Italy

Visit La Perla

It’s one of the best hotel’s we’ve ever been to. It rained most of the time we were there, and we still loved it.

Don’t get the audio guide at the Doge’s Palace

It is not very fun to listen to – we had much more fun exploring the palace on our own and read the sign boards

Experience Italy

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