Piersons Trip Around the World

Italy with Emily P

Italy with Emily P

We flew to Venice, walked around and met a guy that took us to the apartment. it was big and cool and pretty but it was not clean! Then we get settled in, unpacked and walked around more. Found a grocery store and bought breakfast. That night at dinner, I got boghnase pasta. Did you know Italy is famous for it’s pasta and pizza?

The next day, we walked around the city, saw a couple famous banks and hotels. We walked through in an old castle. We saw every room , even the dungeon. that you felt like you were being watched in. We also saw where the prisoner’s heads got chopped off. Then we went and got gelato. It was so good! I had one flavored Terimisoo! It was a fund day! 

We then took a taxi (which in Venice is a boat) to a fancy fancy fancy hotel. That afternoon, we swam in a freezing pool and saved a lady bug from drowning. We set a record for how long she stayed with me. I named her Jessie. She was cute, friendly and gentle. Then we went out to dinner. It was awesome. 

We walked through Venice one last time on our last day there and after lunch, last but not least, walked over a real old wooden bridge. We didn’t do too much else because it was pouring down rain.

In the Dolomites, we stayed at a hotel called La Perla. It did not have a pool but it was wait for it, wait for it… a Leading Hotel of the World. The dinner, oh my gosh, was so good. It was four courses, and they were awsom! Before dinner, I wrote a note to the staff. it said- Best hotel ever. If we did not come here, my shirt, pant, and head would fall off, and my brain would pop out. When we got back to dinner, the hotel had written back, thanking me for my note and had left some extra desserts in the room. It was a great hotel.

Emily's Tips for Italy

Be Sure to Eat Pasta, Pizza & Gelato

Italy is famous for it, and they are good to eat everywhere.

Close your eyes on the way to the Dolomites

The road is very windy and it can make you sick if you get carsick.

Experience Italy

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