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Kauai, Hawaii

The Adventure Begins

First Stop Kauai, Hawaii

We’ve left our home, filled with excitement as we begin our year long adventure. First stop: Kauai, Hawaii to catch up with old friends on our way to Australia.

With it’s warm temps, cool breezes, tropical forests, volcanic mountains and golden sandy beaches, it’s easy to see how so many love the island of Kauai. We spent four nights in a condo on the south end of the island near Poi Pu Sands, and filled our days with touring under the guidance of our old friend Neil Navratil.

In three fun filled days, we searched for sea turtles, blow holes, explored botanical gardens, beaches, Waimea Canyon, and the highlight of our trip,  the Nepali coast.

Our Personal Impressions & Travel Tips for Kauai, Hawaii

Emily P

I loved searching for turtles, exploring tidal pools and learning about some fun new plants while we were in Hawaii.

Angela VI

I was very excited to get off the plane after being surrounded on the by old coughing people on the flight. 

Angela V

Seeing travel through the children’s eyes started immediately! When we landing in Kauai, I woke Angela up saying she made it to Hawaii and before her eyes were all the way open, she had a HUGE, infectious smile spread across her face. THIS is what makes it all worth it!


Hawaii was a great place for us to stretch our legs and adjust to a new time zone. The real highlight for me was catching up with my old friend Neil.

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