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We spent our last night in Spain packing up our belongings, preparing for two weeks in Africa. Because we were able to find airfare RT to Nairobi from Madrid, we were able to leave a couple of our bags in hotel storage. Heavy bags and bush planes aren’t the greatest combination, rather than drag our things down and store them in Nairobi, we left them in Spain.Traveling to Africa from Europe was a little easier than it is from the states, while still a full day’s flight, the time difference is minimal. It was nice to wake up on our first morning feeling fresh and ready to go. 

In many of the countries along our adventure we felt comfortable with finding our own way most of the time, and sprinkling in a few tours here and there. In Kenya though, we decided it would be best to have the experts take the lead. When it comes to the experts, there aren’t any better than Micato Safari’s, the 9x winner of Travel & Leisure’s Best Safari Operator Award. We were fortunate to have Micato guiding us from the moment we landed until we departed.  

Our Impressions of Kenya

Emily P

If you go to Kenya, try everything – feed the giraffes and the elephants, ride camels, and most importantly get Tim Leperes from Micato Safaris to be your guide.

Angela VI

Angela V

Our African adventure would begin in the city of Nairobi, Kenya. In Nairobi, we were greeted by our new friend and guide for the next two weeks, Tim. Tim bonded with the girls immediately and took us through the sites of Nairobi including a visit to the Giraffe manor and elephant conservancy.

On Safari: Loisaba Conservancy & Elsa's Kopje

The few days in Nairobi were great. After so much fun spending time with Faith, and exploring the giraffe center & elephant orphanage, we were off to safari and were all very excited for the adventures to come… 

The Masai Mara

Still in search of the elusive Lepoard, we continued on to the Masai Mara. When it comes to big cats, the Masai Mara is a place unlike any other…  

The Luxury Properties & Camps we visited while in Kenya

Fairmont Nairobi


Loisaba Star Beds & Tented Camp

Elsa's Kopje

Kempinski Olare

Experience Kenya

There are many ways to experience Kenya - explore a few of the adventures you can enjoy with some of our Premier Preferred Partners! Contact any of our team members for additional information on any of our partners and to discuss which may be the best option for you.


While a few of our cruise partners visit Kenya, the best way to truly experience the country is to also spend time in some of the camps, parks & concessions.

Small Group & Private Touring

A cruise may provide you with an opportunity to touch the outer edge of the country of Kenya, but in order to experience all the country has to offer, one needs to get in and explore the interior of the country. We were very fortunate to spend our two weeks in Kenya under the guidance of Micato Safaris.

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