Piersons Trip Around the World

Kenya with Emily P

Kenya with Emily P


On Tuesday, we went to Africaaa! We met the best guide ever. His name was Tim. After that we arrived at our hotel in Niroby [Nairobi]. Yet another city…

On Wednesday, we had breakfast and met up with the nicest girl in the world, her name is Faith. I had sausage, potatoes, yogurt and mixed vegetables for breakfast. We ate lunch that day with the Pintos. They served an awesome home-made lunch. We had vanilla ice cream with birthday cake for dessert. Tim even got me a second piece of cake and ice cream.

Thursday, we went to a giraffe center. Wed this giraffe named lily by holding the food in our lips! Then this chick took us somewhere. in that somewhere, we held giraffe bones! They were so heavy. Held the leg bone and the bottom jaw bone. We saw so many giraffe bones.

After lunch we met up with Tim again. He took us to the elephant orphanage, we even adopted one! Her name was Kiombo. Kiombo was sweet, but not as sweet as Dilolo. Dilolo held our hands with his trunk. 

On Friday, we went to America’s Share that is a school for people who wouldn’t be able to afford school and stuff. We also bought bead necklaces and cute heart badges. We got to spend the entire day with Faith!

First, Faith had lunch with us. She even swam in the pool with us. I was about to dunk myself when she pulled me in. Then we had dessert. I got a chocolate sphere. After dessert, we played a big round of tag. Faith even got to have dinner with us that night. I had an awesome drink with dinner, African Mixed Tea. It is hot tea mixed with warm milk. We had an awesome day and were sad to say goodbye to Faith. We hope we can see her again after our safari.

Emily on Safari in Kenya

On our first day on Safari, we stayed at a killer camp and saw a huge lion. She was huge, dirty and she liked the shade a lot. Oh and before that, we went on a game drive to camp.The next day, we went on a game drive at 6:30 AM. We say a baby elephant that was practicing his sassyness. We even saw two male lions. One was injured and started to limp. We went on a horseback ride. My horse’s name was Usuusu, which means Half-half. The ride was super fun. We then had our sundowners in a place where a leopard lives, but we didn’t see the leopard. We did see  a spotted hyena that was common, and a striped hyena that is the rarer kind. It was another awesome day.

On Monday, we had breakfast in the bush! There was even a chef there waiting for us. After breakfast, we rode camels. It was scary when they stood up or laid down.After the ride, we had lunch. I was in the shower when Festus told us to come quick for a surprise. The surprise was six lions he had found. Five of them started to hunt a cape buffalo. Now this is when the action began. One of the lions got kicked up in the air. Another left a big ol bloody scratch on the poor things butt.

For sundowners that day, we went into the bush again. The sundowner bar was set up in a place with a small waterfall. Tim taught us how to throw a hat and catch it on our head. It was another great day!

On Tuesday, we got to assist the airplane captain by being the copilot. We even sat in the seat and wore the headphones. We got to ask him lots of questions. After we unloaded and were in the jeep, he flew right above our heads to say good bye.

At our next camp, I got to sleep in on our first day. That afternoon, we got to swim in an amazing pool that was the perfect temperachur. One side of the pool was rock. Later that day, we saw rhinos. There were rangers there so no hunters could get in. Yayyy! Next we had a surprise sun downers on our last night in the camp.


Four days in the Masai Mara: Thursday

On Thursday, we flew past the Samburu village where Tim was born. At the the airport, our new driver Dawson picked us up. He took us to huge lions, one lioness and six cubs from three litters. After lunch in camp, we went on another game drive and found our first Leopard, her name was Fig. Not far from Fig, we heard a dic-dic scream, but don’t worry, it didn’t get killed. Fig also stalked some baby giraffes, but didn’t get those either. After that, we we lost Fig for a while, but found another leopard in another tree. This time it was Figlet, her daughter. When Figlet didn’t come down out of her tree, we went to the sundowner that we thought we wouldn’t have. We played tag until a Hyena tried to come and eat us. A cape buffalo came to say hi too. Then, our crazy guide, Tim, got down on the ground with the hyena and started creeping toward it! This scared the hyena away. It was another crazy day with our crazy guide, Tim.


On Friday, we got to chase wildabeasts on foot! Tim said they had the main and tail of a horse, stripes of a zebra, face of a grasshopper and the brain of a housefly. Tim also said he used to pick up fresh elephant dung and drink the juice out of it when he was walking a long way through the bush and needed water! When back in the car, we foudn a cheetah and her babys. The only thing that started to stink was one of the baby’s was playing with a plastic bag it had found. I mean, who would throw a plastic bag out for the cheetahs to eat?


On Saturday, we got to crawl into a basket. Fans then started blowing air, all of a sudden, boom, just like that we were in the air. This was called a hot air balloon. Different wind currents would carry the balloon in different directions. After the ride, we had a pretty good breakfast in the bush. On the way back, we saw a cute little leopard pouncing on his mom. she played along well. Once he hid behind a blob of grass he was bigger than. He was really cute. We then saw like 25 lions! They were huge at least six were eating a wildabeast.

We then ate lunch and went to see a really fancy hotel. We saw a room and the manager there gave us a rubber duck. On the way back to our camp, we found hippos in water that looked like melted dung.


On Sunday, before going to the airport, we saw a pair of mating lions. We actually saw two pairs. When mating, they don’tn eat for four days and mate every 15 minutes. Then we saw figs’s youngest  baby, Faraha, that means “happy”. Fig kicked him out because she got prego to fast and was going to have another baby.

We then returned to Nairobi and spent our afternoon with Faith. She had put new braids in her hair, and she played on her phone with us. We are all sad to leave Tim, Faith and Kenya after having such a great time.

Emily's Tips for Kenya

  • Try everything. There really wasn’t anything I didn’t like in Kenya – the people are happy and friendly, the food is great (desserts are even better), and the animals are amazing.
  • If you can, get Tim to be your guide. He is funny, knows a lot and likes to have fun.

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A cruise may provide you with an opportunity to touch the outer edge of the country of Kenya, but in order to experience all the country has to offer, one needs to get in and explore the interior of the country. We were very fortunate to spend our two weeks in Kenya under the guidance of Micato Safaris.

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