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New Zealand through the Eyes of Emily P

The Tree houses & Lake Tekapo
In the tree house, the bathroom floor saw heated. We saw three sweets [suites] in the main lodge. We had a two-story tree house. We had a  fireplace up stairs and down stairs. When we went outside, we could walk to the main lodge. I loved staying in the tree house.
In Lake Takapo, Angela and I played in the snow. Before we left, we played on a playground that had a zip line and Angela and I both really liked. We had a lot of snowball fights. On the way to Lake Tekapo we stopped at a playground that had a hamster wheel for people and there was also a zip line that you could not sit on. You had to hold on to it and you could only hold on to it.

We did a five mile hike around a hole entire lake. We also did another hike and we got to jump from rock to rock to get to the other side of a stream. In Queenstown, we also got to go ice skating and there were these two boys who kept being show offs. In Arrowtown, we got to stay in a cute little cottage. I really liked the yard it had two hills that Angela and I really liked playing on. There was also a rope course. We went on a jet boat tour and at the end of that, we went on a bush walk. I really liked the jet boat tour when we did the spins. 

We went on a tour where we dressed up like the Hobbit and got to hold Sting, Bilbo Baggins sword, and ate cookies and banana bread. I really liked that tour. We also went indoor sky diving. It felt like you were flying! After that, we went to a school to watch the kids to a Haka dance. We then got to go to a sheep farm, see the dogs work, and feed treats to the sheep. Any time the dogs came to you, you could pat them, but you couldn’t chase them or they would bite you. We got to go luging but i hated it because it made my arms tired and I got stuck every time.. So make sure you do it with an adult. We also went to a hotel {Matakuri Lodge} and ate a real yummy lunch.  We got to take a tour of it. Angela and I really liked one of the villas. I said Mommy and Daddy could sleep on the floor while Angela and I slept in the beds. Then I decided they could sleep in the beds while Angela and I slept on the sofa thingy.

Kerikeri & the Northland
After we left Arrowtown, we flew to the North Island and stayed in another hotel that was really big and really fancy. The food there was really good. They even had an indoor heated pool that we didn’t want to leave. Angela and I had our own bedroom with separate beds. On our tour, we saw a giant tree. Our guide told us there were even bigger ones in New Zealand, but the one we saw was huge. I really loved the hotel.

We drove five hole hours to a little house that had kids who actually played with us. There was a place where a movie was filmed only a half hour away. The movie was called the Hobbit. The Hobbit movie was really scary. Hobbiton is where the Hobbits lived. I loved it. Angela and I got to open the door to a Hobbit Hole. I opened all the mail boxes and had the best lunch ever. We also went to a glow worm cave. We saw thousands of glow worms. It was the coolest thing ever. We also went to a hotel called the Treetops lodge. It had an amazing kids room and great food too. The last day we were there we got to ride horses. Mine’s name was Poppy. She was sweet and I loved riding her. After Treetops, we went back to visit Charlie and Hamish for one last night before we had to fly out of New Zealand. 

My travel Tips for New Zealand

Definitely go to Hobbiton & on a JetBoat

It's fun to open the door to the Hobbit Hole and explore the small village. The jet boats are a little scary at first, but once you get started they are really cool and fun.

Luging is hard

Riding by yourself hurts your arms and it is easy to get stuck. Ride with an adult - it's much more fun.

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